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Edison Testing Laboratory (ETL) 

Thomas Edison founded ETL in 1896, and the laboratory has been testing the electrical reliability and performance of products ever since. After many years, to be precise in 1996, the testing service department was bought by Charterhouse Development Capitol, and was rebranded as Intertek Testing Services (ITS). Today, Intertek is the biggest tester of consumer products in the world, having established itself reputably in over 100 countries. 

Difference between UL and ETL listed marks 

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory. Both marks exhibit the mark of quality and acceptable standards. The only difference between UL and ETL is in the service, as well as the services of the testing laboratories associated with them.

The ETL listed mark is equivalent to CSA and UL listed marks throughout Canada and United States. The ETL listed mark is an evidence and proof of product compliance (gas, electrical and other items), to North America Safety standards. Today the ETL mark can be noticed on millions of items sold by major retailers all over the world. 

ETL Mark on my products

What products have the ETL Mark? Intertek provides product certification and testing services for companies spanning multiple markets, industries and applications. The ETL mark therefore, indicates to customers, retailers and distributors that, Intertek has approved these products and they are compliant with the accepted national standards.

Intertek product safety certification program, ensures that the products undergoes the same testing, labeling, listing and follow-up inspection services similar to competing certification marks like CSA, UL and others. Regulatory bodies, organizations and agencies all over the world recognize Intertek lab. 

Do Envision LED products have an ETL Mark?

Yes. Many Envision LED products have this mark on them. This signifies that, Intertek has approved our products, and found them in conformity with accepted national standards. In addition, it means that our lighting products, meets the least requirements necessary for sale or distribution. ETL mark on our electrical equipment is an assurance mark that, our products are acquiescent with the required safety standards.