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ENERGY STAR Qualified LED Lighting

Energy Star is an internationally recognized standard, for energy efficient consumer items. It was created by Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, in 1992. Since then, it has been widely recognized and used in not only the United States, but also countries such as Japan, Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand and European countries.

Products carrying the Energy Star mark, such as kitchen appliances, computer products, and electrical products, generally use 20-30% less energy compared to those without an energy star mark. 

Importance of Energy Star Marked Lighting Products

By selecting energy star marked lighting products such as bulbs, you will be working towards minimizing your energy bills, and considerably reducing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Each of us has a role to play towards protecting our environment. We have the capacity and power to invent lighting products that, are environmental-friendly.

Just by purchasing a lighting product with an Energy Star mark on it, businesses, consumers and organizations, can play a vital role in trimming down greenhouse gas emissions, as well energy costs.  Energy Star qualified LED bulbs and other lighting fixtures, are usually manufactured with conservation as the main guideline. Therefore, they are much brighter and have an added advantage, of longer lamp life. 

EnVision LED's LED light bulbs

As a royal supporter of the Energy Star standards, EnVision LED Lighting continues to uphold its environmental stewardship, and production of the most extensive range of energy saving lighting products. Many of our LED bulbs have an Energy Star Mark, showing they are eco-friendly, as well efficient in terms of saving energy.