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Q: What are the advantages of LED Lights?

  A: LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Lights have many advantages over traditional lights. First, they are small, making it easy to use in tight areas.

LEDs are more energy efficient because the light emits in one specific direction.

Traditional lights are made with filaments, which get hot. LED’s don’t radiate heat. The heat is drawn from it, reducing heat emissions. In fact, LED lights stay cool.

LED’s have a long lifetime, exceeding over 35,000 hours. Since they are not made of glass, they have a higher durability. The light of an LED dims but never dies.

Q: Are LED lamps interchangeable with my existing lamps?

A: Our LED lights are completely compatible with your halogen, incandescent, and compact fluorescent lamps – pending you remove the ballast. 

Q: Why should I replace my cheap traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs?

A: When considering the initial cost of an LED bulb compared to the cost of a traditional bulb, it is more expensive. However, you should consider the overall cost and savings.

  1. A LED light uses less energy. So this saves you money on your electric bill. You may see savings within your first year.
  2. An LED light can last up to 20 years, reducing your need to change it every year or two.
  3. LED lights produce no harmful infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  4. LED lights are very versatile. They are used for more general purpose lighting schemes. However, their small design makes it easy to use in tight areas, arrays, and useful in so many different applications.
  5. Finally, you are safe around LED lights. Traditional lamps contain mercury and other harmful metals. If they break, you are exposed to those harmful metals. If an LED light breaks, you are safe and must not take emergency precautions. It’s safe to dispose of in your ordinary waste or recycle them.