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Ingression Protection Rating

An ingression Protection (IP) Rating is given to products; for instance lighting products, to show their resistance to entry by objects and physical particles, in the atmosphere, as well as the ability to resist water entering in its enclosure or housing. Ingression Protection consists of two digits that precede the capital letters "IP" - the initial digit simplifies resistance to objects and particles, while the second digit, represents resistance to water. 

IP's First digit

The initial digit offers a measure of protection against various physical solids. In short, it shows how insect or dust proof the product is:

  • 4- resistant to foreign particles down to 1mm
  • 5 - general proof against dust
  • 6 - completely dust proof

Second digit

The second digit measures protection against various liquids. The following shows what each digit represents

  • 4 - splash proof
  • 5 - hose  proof( ok in areas where you are using hosepipe)
  • 6 - pressure hose proof
  • 7  - protection against limited submission
  • 8 - protection against continuous submission

So, if you want to place your product outside and it frequently rains, ensure your lights are IP67 rated. Rain can still occur to highly rated products, such as IP67 light bulbs; however, this is brought about by interference, extreme weather conditions or substandard installation. Therefore, regular maintenance checkups are highly recommended. 

Our lighting products 

EnVision LED's LED light bulbs, are all IP rated, so that you can choose the product that fits your needs according to where you want it installed. Our IP67 rated bulbs receives a high level of protection from water or rain, hence the best to install in outdoor areas. Therefore, if you are a retailer or intend to buy any LED bulbs, first look at the IP rating.