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LED Lights Exhibit at LIGHTFAIR International 2016

LFI Trade Show

2016 Light FairLIGHTFAIR International or LFI is largest commercial and architectural conference and lighting trade show in the world that is held yearly. It is the premier event that everyone in the lighting industry is looking forward to. The event is where traders and exhibitors are interacting with each other to discuss and share knowledge about the latest cutting edge styles, networking opportunities, state of the art technology, continuing education courses and innovative designs. Anyone in the lighting industry cannot afford to miss this event because it is also where professionals in the industry from around the world are connecting with the lighting manufacturers through a forum the LFI provides.

LFI 2016
Next year, LIGHTFAIR International will be held at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, United States. There will be pre-conference on April 24 to 25. The show and conference proper will be on April 26 to 28. It is going to be a three-day event that will showcase new discoveries, new knowledge, and new solutions from the convergence of design, light and technology.

What are the highlights?
The event is where new technology about LED lights is also shown. Thus, one of the highlights is the offering of courses about LED cost management, sources and updates, retrofitting buildings, and others. There will also be a conference about more than 200 hours of education that is accredited and world-class. The accredited courses varies in length and level. There are General, Foundation, and Advanced courses with sessions that can last from 30 minutes to 2 days. The floor of the LFI trade show is a global stage or venue for innovations. Manufacturers will also be provided with six pavilions to showcase the products that is specific to each of them. In addition, there will also be special networking events that will bring together professionals in the lighting industry. Lastly, there will be LFI Innovation Awards that will honor the newest product designs in the industry.

 San Diego Light Fair

What to expect from exhibitors?
The international fair wouldn’t be the world’s largest if not for the variety of exhibitors that are expected to offer new, unique and interesting lighting technology and designs. The 2016 fair is expected to see 500 exhibits from leading manufacturers all over the world. There will be 200,000 square feet of space for exhibits, which will showcase their latest innovations and technologies. In particular, the exhibits will showcase products and solutions that include building integration, ballasts, decorative lighting, contemporary lighting, daylighting products and services, control devices, exterior luminaries, light sources, meters, lampholders and switches, high-end fixtures, mounting devices, specialty luminaries, luminaire types, solar products and solutions, lighting control components, and many others. 

San Diego Light FairThe international fair is a huge networking opportunity to find a LED distributor with whom you can close a deal about LED wholesale and other business ventures. The LED light technology has been gaining increasing popularity during the last several years. This is why many customers such as real estate developers and even resident home owners are looking for information about the technology and are also looking for distributors of LED light.