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J-Box SnapTrim - J-Box Downlight LEDs

It’s easy to understand the appeal of recessed lighting. You don’t really see the light bulb, but you see the accentuating light that offers a more sophisticated vibe. The recessed feature reduces the glare and it also somehow makes a room feel more spacious.
Traditionally, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of recessed lighting you first have to buy the recessed cans for the light bulbs. Then you need to have your contractor install these cans. But now with the J Box Downlight LEDs you won’t have to spend money on the recessed cans and the electrical contractor. These already come with an integral junction box.
This also operates on 120V and it doesn’t need any sort of external driver. What this means is that the design will provide you with reliable performance for a long time to come. After all, you’re also getting LED lights, and everyone knows how efficient and long-lasting these lights can be.
You can expect a lifetime of about 36,000 hours, which is about 12 years (and 3 months) of use if you have the lights on 8 hours a night. These lights won’t every burn out. If you go past the expected lifetime it will just become dimmer the more you use it.
Check these light bulbs out, and you’ll find lots of options. You can get them in either 4 or 6-inch diameters, and the lights can be in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. These are IC and airtight rated, and they’re also suitable for wet locations.
Installing these lights is a breeze as well. You just need to cut the appropriately sized hole in the ceiling, and then you connect the fixture to the wired wall switch. Clip the fixture into the opening and you’re done.
The white baffle trim will reduce the glare, and you’ll get the soft and even lighting you wish for. It looks really great, as it fits in seamlessly with any type of interior. So enjoy the canless downlight options—you don’t have to buy the cans for them!