Ballast Bypass

It is apparent that LED is the thing when it comes to lighting. It has stormed the different parts of the globe and is also predicted to be in use for the foreseeable future. Reasons behind this success are the advantages of using LED, which includes sustainability, better illumination, reduced maintenance cost and reduced energy cost. However, there are also technologies related to it that consumers should be wary about. One particular issue is which solution is best to use with LED: Ballast Compatible or Ballast Bypass?  


What is Ballast Bypass?
Ballast Bypass or AC Direct is a solution that doesn’t rely on the use of ballast as it has more disadvantages than advantages. A ballast compatible LED light has several disadvantages such as maintenance schedules that tend to be extremely inefficient. One major issue about the use of ballast is the need to always replace ballasts when they all go bad, which sooner or later will happen to every ballast.  


Thus, it is better to bypass the use of ballasts. Experts recommend that you use an AC Direct or Ballast Bypass lamp such as LED Edison Bulb.  


What are the Advantages of Choosing AC Direct or Ballast Bypass?
• It is more cost-effective. Because you don’t use a ballast which inevitably needs replacement, you won’t have to shell out money to purchase a new one. You don’t need to spend to maintain the use of ballast when your current one is already dysfunctional.  


• Does not require more labor. This in particular is a benefit that providers will appreciate more. If there are no ballasts, they don’t have to send technicians to their client who called for ballast replacement. This will give them more time for other tasks that are productive for the business. On the clients’ side, they also won’t have to exert extra labor in assisting the technicians.  


• Doesn’t consume a lot of time. Traveling to and from the client’s site eats a lot of time. It also incurs a lot of cost when accumulated such as gas expenses. This can be damaging to the business because this doesn’t drive in sales or profits. On the clients’ side, they can prioritize their more important tasks or activities when they don’t have faulty ballasts to worry about.  


What are the Benefits of LED Lights That use Ballast Bypass Solution?
LED lights that don’t use ballasts are the best because they significantly cut on the use of energy and are truly sustainable. There are providers that offer a selection of LED lights with 10W up to 1,000W. If you’re are new to the technology and are interested in using it to replace old incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps, you can use LED lights in your already existing fixtures.  


Using a LED light, you’ll have great illumination, zero maintenance and long light life, which can last up to 60,000 hours. You’ll also save on energy, fixture, money and time. There are providers that offer the product with five-year warranties. A LED distributor that offers a longer warranty may mean that they have better quality LED lights. All this and more because of the efficiency of LED technology.