LED Distributor Los AngelesDo you have the best LED lighting available on the market? If you’re doubting your answer, you need to make sure you are using a quality LED distributor.


It is critical to have access to a reliable LED distributor. Los Angeles has many different options as to where you can purchase wholesale LED lighting. However, you want to make sure you are going to get the needed variety as well as the best possible pricing for whatever it is that you are trying to light- a studio, a home, or even a warehouse.


You may be searching for a filament dimmable LED, which can be utilized for fixtures as well as landscaping. Dimmable lights can be highly desirable as it allows you to control how much lighting is actually present. In some situations, you may want the lighting to be brighter and being able to have control on the dimmer switch is very important.


Wholesale LED lighting is a great way to save money. LED is known for being cost-effective anyways. You won’t spend as much on electricity or bulbs throughout the year as you would with traditional bulbs. While the initial price is a little more, the bulbs can last thousands of hours more.


With the lower pricing, you can buy all of the lighting you need. This includes being able to explore the various options in terms of output lumen, wattage, and the overall type of lighting that you may need.


Not every LED distributor in Los Angeles is going to offer the same variety of products. Some supply bulbs alone. There are also striplights, down lights, flood lights, backlight sign LEDs and much more for you to choose from – and you can find much of what you need at EnVision LED.


We take pride in the lighting we manufacture and distribute. Many clients throughout LA and beyond rely on us to provide them with all of their lighting needs. Residential and commercial properties have our lighting inside and we have been able to save our clients a lot of money in the process as well.


We’re also pleased to be able to offer a wide range of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the LED lighting. This includes such things as power cords, coupling pins, and end caps. By listening to the needs of our clients and looking at what is needed, we are a one-stop shop, which allows us to be a premier LED distributor in Los Angeles.


When you are searching for an LED distributor in Los Angeles, count on EnVision LED. You can call our office at 213-741-1550. You can also contact us here at your convenience. We will work hard to find you what you need and provide wholesale LED lighting prices to you.