LED Better BuyWith awareness of the environment increasing in the past decade, it is important to continue to be environmentally friendly, and become more conscientious about how to improve and preserve the environment. An easy way to become more environmentally healthy and friendly is to begin the use of LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs work through running an arc of electrical current through two electrodes, whereas in typical iridescent light bulbs, tungsten filaments are used to heat up the bulb, thus producing light. However, the light emitted from LED light bulbs is much higher than that of the traditional halogen light bulbs. LED light bulbs can emit up to 80 percent of their light capacity, where traditional light bulbs typically only emit 10 percent of their light capacity. LED light bulbs are better than the traditional halogen light bulbs for several reasons:


1. LED light bulbs last longer. This is important, because constantly changing light bulbs can become a hassle, and can cost you more money in the long run. On average, traditional halogen light bulbs only last between 2,000-6,000 hours, where in comparison, LED light bulbs last up to 80,000 hours. When these 80,000 hours of light are reached, LED light bulbs still continue working, unlike the traditional halogen bulb, but just at a lower capacity- meaning the light output of the LED bulb will be at a slightly dimmer level than before. In turn, this will lead to a reduction of constantly having to change your light bulbs.


2. LED light bulbs will save you money. Electricity consumption typically burns up to 25 percent of your home’s average energy budget. Although LED light bulbs are typically more expensive than traditional light bulbs, the cost will offset itself, as the LED light bulbs will last much longer, as mentioned previously.


3. LED light bulbs are durable. Unlike traditional bulbs, which are constantly subject to being broken or damaged, LED light bulbs are sustainable and durable- they will not easily break when subject to jostling.


4. LED light bulbs are safe. No mercury is used in the manufacture of LED light bulbs. Additionally, LED light bulbs are proven to cause substantially less fires than their traditional light bulb counterpart.


5. LED light bulbs are good for remote areas and portable generators. LED light bulbs are directional, so their light is concentrated in one direction- this is perfect for under cabinet lighting or lighting needed in recessed areas. The LED light bulbs can also be used with portable generators.


6. LED light bulbs are more aesthetically pleasing. LED light bulbs have a higher amplitude of light, which increases the brightness. This allows the LED light bulb to provide better, more quality lighting in any area.


7. LED light bulbs provide variety. Unlike the traditional iridescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. There are several different types of LED light bulbs to choose from depending on where it is going to be utilized.