Rustic LightingThey don’t call him the Wizard of Menlo Park for nothing. When Thomas Alva Edison invented the ubiquitous light bulb in the 1880s, he saw a very bright future ahead, literally. What he did not see was that with the technological advances of the 21st century, brighter and more energy efficient lighting fixtures have paled the bulb that put light into many homes towards the turn of the 19th century.


The Rustic Feel of Vintage Bulbs
These so-called vintage light bulbs are a celebration of Thomas Edison’s ingenuity and may be a fitting tribute to the Industrial Revolution that occurred during this period. These are permanent fixtures in establishments that need to create a certain atmosphere or ambience that can be soothing and relaxing. While bright lights are excellent for certain activities, a more subdued tone of light can do more wonders when talking about a more relaxed mood. As such, fine dining restaurants, historical museums, Friday and Saturday night watering holes, and even cafes all use the exposed-filament type of light bulb to create a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere. These same lighting fixtures have also found use in Victorian style homes and mansions that require only the best and complementary fixtures for their many vintage sets.


Energy Concerns
While many still use the exposed-filament incandescent light bulb because of its rustic, vintage feel it does have its drawbacks in a society that is becoming more and more preoccupied with energy expenditures and the need for a cleaner environment. These incandescent light bulbs are energy guzzlers. A 5-watt LED light can effectively provide the same amount of illumination as a 60-watt regular incandescent which literally translates to better energy economy. And at a time when energy independence is a buzzword, the greater amounts of energy you save, the better it is for the world.


The Answer: LED Lights
The Edison-era incandescent light bulbs, with their distinct bulbous shape with a filament that can be clearly seen from the outside, creating a wonderful flow when lit, are slowly being replaced by light emitting diode lights, or simply LED lights. In order to provide the same rustic feel and vintage appeal of the lighting fixtures of yesteryears, lighting developers have designed and manufactured what could be a successful marriage of 18th century ingenuity and 21st century technology.


Rustic LEDLED Edison Bulb fixtures are slowly getting recognized as the answer to the growing need for energy efficient lighting fixtures but are classically elegant enough to provide a unique design element to anyone’s home or establishment. This has created a lot of opportunities for interior designers and decorators as they magically weave these beautifully crafted and energy efficient vintage light bulbs to highlight the essence of a particular establishment or to just simply create an aura of timeless classic appeal.


Modern Twist to a Timeless Classic
Today’s manufacturing technology already allows for the exact replication of Edison’s first light bulb but with a very significant twist especially in the design of the exposed filament. Using more energy-efficient materials, these vintage replicas are nothing less than pieces of technological innovation that can greatly extend the rustic elegance of your home or establishment.