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4" J-Box Canless SnapTrim Downlight | SnapTrim


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And just like that... the recessed can is gone. EnVision LED has developed a 4” and 6” LED Downlight that eliminates the need for a can. The junction box is built into the fixtures and is IC Rated. By reducing material cost and installation time, the EnVision SnapTrim is the ideal retrofit or new construction recessed lighting solution yet. Simply cut a hole in the ceiling, power the fixture to the wall switch, and “snap” the trim flush.


LED Type Downlight Retrofit
Certification UL/ES/JA8
CRI >90
Color Temp. Day 5000K
Dimmable Dimmable
IP Rating IP 67
Output Lumen 550 Lumen
Downlights Size No
Downlight Type No
Beam 120 Degrees
Voltage 120V
Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty
Wattage 7 Watt
Life Hours 25,000
Base E26



Get this light if you want a light that’s as bright as natural light. Get this too if you want recessed lighting without the need for recessed cans.

For many offices, the best light that will suffice for proper work is light that’s as bright as natural sunlight. Such a light lets you see what you’re doing, and it also improves concentration.

A cool white light is also a better option for some areas in your home. Your kitchen should be brightly lit, so you can see what you’re doing when you’re preparing your meals. The same goes for your laundry room and for your study as well.

In some cases, the entire house may have a very minimalist design. Such a look will benefit from natural daylight, and you can get that with this particular fixture too. It doesn’t have to be bright all the time however, as this is also dimmable.

The bright light isn’t the only selling point of this fixture. This is a canless downlight, which means that you won’t need to have recessed cans installed first before you can enjoy the benefits of recessed lighting. Instead, this is the SnapTrim Model that you can simply snap shut into your ceiling. You just need to cut a 4-inch hole first, and then attach the fixture to the wall switch. It’s that easy.

Once you have that in, you can expect to enjoy 25,000 hours of bright light in your home. That’s more than 8 and a half years having such a light, if you use the light 8 hours a day. All these features mean more savings for you, while you also enjoy the benefits of having a light in your home or office that resembles natural daylight.

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