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Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards

Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards

Many Californians have questioned the importance of Title 24. Why do you require a Title 24 energy report for your project? Title 24 significantly sets guidelines, in regards to lighting a new or remodeled premise. All remodeled and new premises in California, must integrate energy efficient lighting systems and controls.

Title 24 in short, sets standards and encourages people to use energy efficiency products. Energy efficiency products minimize energy costs, increases availability and reliability of electricity, improves occupant comfort, and trims down impact to the environment; therefore, standards are essential and necessary for the State's energy future. These standards help the state meet its climate and energy goals as outlaid in various important pieces of legislation. 

Non-Residential lighting and Title 24

The objective of the non-residential lighting standards is to; effectively minimize energy use without compromising on the lighting quality.  The principal mechanism for checking on indoor lighting energy under these standards is to regulate the allowed lighting power installed in the commercial premises.  In addition, the Title 24 non-residential lighting control requirements, require all lighting systems to have control or switching capabilities, to a allow lights to be switched off when not in use. 

Residential lighting and Title 24

The Title 24 residential lighting standards affect only the permanently installed light fixtures or luminaries, and not portable lamps, which are provided by the occupant. Various rooms in a residential premise are guided by different requirements in regards to Title 24. For instance, in Garages, Bathrooms, and utility rooms, all luminaries must either be controlled by a vacancy sensor or be of high efficacy. On the other hand, lighting in areas adjoined to the kitchen like the dining area, are considered to be part of the kitchen lighting, if at all they not switched separately from the kitchen lighting.  Therefore, rooms are meant to be treated differently in regards to Title 24.

Lighting equipment suppliers and manufacturers, for that reason should be aware of this energy code and its requirements.  On our part, EnVision LED's Retrofit downlight’s, offer consumer friendly and cost effective solutions to save energy. We strictly meet the Title 24 requirements in all of our downlight products.