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Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

UL is a global independent company, which provides expertise across five vital strategic businesses: environment, product safety, life and health, and verification services. In a nutshell, UL is a well recognized and accredited safety organization, which sets globally respected regulations and standards, to safeguard both people and products. It scrutinizes products through testing, validation, auditing and inspecting, and advises companies on how to manufacture safer products as well.

Products with an UL Mark

The UL mark ensures a product is safe to use. Therefore, the mark gives the user a feeling of confidence and assurance, as the product has been approved, and tested by a reputable regulatory company. This certification is especially significant to business owners, who are legally liable to protect their staff from any harm in the place of work.

UL Marks on Envision LED products

Being a leading representative and handler of lighting products, we have ensured that many of our products are UL-approved. This implies that, all our bulbs and other electrical equipments, are in fully accordance with the security principles In the Northern American Market.

UL has been there for years - since 1894, and has carried its testing duties diligently, hence why we assure our customer that, UL-approved products are the best. All Envision LED products are therefore, UL listed and labeled accordingly so as to offer the users maximum results.

However, one should be aware that, there are different UL marks, and all have distinct meanings. Some items only have parts, which are UL certified. These products are allowed only to have a special recognized component mark. UL have stated clearly that, "the only way to determine if a product has been certified by UL is to look for the UL Mark on the product itself.” This mark is not a label you can just buy and apply on your products - it is only genuine, once compliance has been achieved.