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LED Lighting

LED lighting is considered to be one of the best revolutions in the lighting industry since the time electricity itself was invented. EnVision LED provides high quality, high performance and energy efficient products. LED lighting has brought new scope for improvement and efficiency in use of lighting. When looking to buy a LED product, quality and warranty is the most important factor.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Low Cost Products 
LED lighting products are reasonably priced compared to other lighting products. They have longer life, hence low replacement costs attached to them. LED Lighting prices are gradually decreasing and is among the most affordable long term lighting solutions we have today. 

Durable and Long Life 
LED products, are durable and do not break like the typical light bulbs; meaning they have a longer life comparably. Depending on the quality, the standard LED light bulb has the ability to last up to 35,000 hours. 

Easy to Use 
LED lighting products, are easy to use and have no complicated methods of use attached to them. It is a common belief electrical work is required to retrofit an area to LED products, in reality it is as simple as a halogen. 

Saves Energy 
LED lighting ensures more energy savings and conservation, as compared to other lighting products. They require far less electricity for illumination. The standard LED bulb consumes 60-80% less energy than a standard halogen. 

Environment Friendly Products 
These products are environment friendly. They do not use mercury for illumination, and all the material used to produce LED lighting products are in accordance to set standards, and perfect for space lighting as well. 

Safe to Use 
LED lighting is easy and safe to use as it does not contain mercury or any other harmful material. Also, these products do not emit ultra violet light which may be harmful to people and the environment.

High Quality 
LED lighting products produce high quality white light, which is warm, cool to eyes, and cool to touch.

Good color quality 
LED lighting products produce consistent colors of good quality and clarity and cool effects as well. It is important to check the Color Rendering Index (CRI) before purchasing an LED product. 

Perfect Size 
EnVision light bulbs are the same size as a traditional halogen bulbs. 

Use of LED lighting products result into many advantages and benefits vs. traditional light bulbs hence they are widely used and are in great demand everywhere.