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Fire-Rated Downlights

5-CCT Selectable

RGB+W Smart Downlights

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OPTIC-Line: Large Area Lights

3-CCT & 5-Power Selectable / Rotatable and EZ-Swap Optics

C-Line: 2x2 & 2x4 Center Basket Troffers

Retrofit Kit Series

Arcy-Line: Architectural Linear Fixtures

Linkable, Recessed, Trimless, Wall Mount

LED Bulbs

5-CCT Selectable

Wall Packs

3-CCT Selectable

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Envision LED Lighting

Established in 2010, EnVision LED Lighting, Inc is a Los Angeles based LED lighting leader that provides an endless amount of lighting solutions. Our highly efficient and low energy consuming lighting products have been engineered strategically in order to best suit multiple different industries: residential, multifamily, hospitality, commercial, industrial, and more. As a family owned and operated business, ownership is actively engaged on a daily basis. The EnVision LED Family team is one of the best. We continue to grow our team of seasoned professionals to best service you.

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4 FT Round Strip: 4CCT

The NEW EnVision LED Strip fixtures are available in various styles, lengths, and features a CCT changing switch (30/35/40/50K). EnVision stocks this fixture with sensors, EM's, already installed making the turnaround quick. Replace existing 2-lamp fixtures to a brand new LED integrated fixture. This LED fixture features a slim body, is aesthetically appealing, and features a modern square finish.

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Linear Highbay: C-Line

The EnVision C-Line LHB is our latest innovative linear high bay design. C-Line: "compact line" is a smaller body fixture but filled with the same power as our traditional 2' and 4' linear fixtures, and will not compensate your lighting layout! Pick and chooose during installation with 3 Power Options and 4 different CCT's all in one. Equipped with our Twist-C technology, you can always decide to add our Twist-C sensors before or after installation! • 3 Power + 4CCT Selectable with Twist-C Technology • 0-10V dimmable integrated driver • Available in 120-277V or 277-480V • Standard 90° Beam with optional 60° beam available • Angle adjustable up to 35°

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2" Round Downlight: Trimless-Line

• Di-cast aluminum housing for better heat dissipation • Available in white & black finish • Optional Emergency Backup Available: delivers full lumens in EM mode • L70 @ 50,000 Hours lumen maintenance

Large Area Light: Optic-Line

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