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Established in 2010, EnVision LED Lighting, Inc is a Los Angeles based LED lighting leader that provides an endless amount of lighting solutions. Our highly efficient and low energy consuming lighting products have been engineered strategically in order to best suit multiple different industries: residential, multifamily, hospitality, commercial, industrial, and more. As a family owned and operated business, ownership is actively engaged on a daily basis. The EnVision LED Family team is one of the best. We continue to grow our team of seasoned professionals to best service you.


At EnVision LED, we never sacrifice the quality of components we use in order to maintain aggressive market pricing. What does this mean? The higher quality components we use will ensure our products to last and live up to the expected life hours and warranty. We back it up with our warranty policy and heave a team of engineers to help resolve any issues that may arise.

Price Friendly

Quality products at a competitive level is what we believe to be best practices to support your growth as our customer. Although we have faced an immense amount of pressure with the national supply chain issues, we have kept our prices relatively low compared to the product increases we have incurred.


EnVisions ability to be nimble has been one of our top reasons for growth. We are here to help you for all of your projects needs. Whether you need us to assemble battery backups, step down transformers, controls and more, we are here to help! We go as far as offering painting services for all our fixtures. Just provide us the RAL number and we can get it done!

Shipping & Logistics

In June 2022, we will be moving our corporate headquarters to a new distribution location that is 4 times the size 70,000 sq. ft of our current location. We will be consolidating our 4 remote Los Angeles warehouses into one which will significantly improve our efficiency, resulting in rapid turn around times. We also have 4 other remote warehouses located throughout the United States (Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio) that allows for quicker transit and potential will call options for our distributors.

Customer Service

At EnVision LED we value your business, and embrace our mutual partnership. If you are not satisfied with the serviced you are receiving, please contact us via our feedback form or e-mail that goes directly to our upper management team.

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