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3 Tips to consider when choosing the right led bulb

LED light is undeniably becoming more popular nowadays because it offers numerous benefits such as extreme efficiency, long life, and design flexibility. It is efficient because you don’t need the replacement of accessories such as the ballasts. You also don’t have to replace the bulb for years, even decades depending on how many hours you use it every day. It has a much longer life than other bulbs and lamps such as incandescent and fluorescent. It can last from 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to 10 years of operation if used continuously. Many are also switching to LED’s because the lamp can be bent or designed in the desired shape. That is why you can find in stores LED Downlights, LED Taper Light, and others.


So, if you plan to switch too, then the three tips below might be very helpful to you.

Know Your Light Fixture to Determine What Fits to It
The reason is obvious why you need to determine what fits in your light fixtures. Some do this through measurement of the light bulb manually. Others look at the details of the bulb stated on the box or they look it up on the Web. However, the best and surest way to get the LED bulb that has the exact measurement as your current one is to bring it to the store. Once there, you can compare it to the LED bulb you plan to purchase.


Choose the Color Spectrum
The color spectrum is one aspect of LED lamps that depends on your preference. There are those who like it warmer while there are those who like it more bluish. The Kelvin scale is used to measure color temperature according to CNET. The scale is used to determine the color that the light source produces. It can be anywhere from the low-end to high-end spectrum. You can always search the Web for the color temperature guide to give you a more detailed idea about what you really like.


Typically, LED light bulbs are found on the Kelvin scale’s higher end. However, many also choose to use LED bulbs because it also offers bulbs with warmer colors.


Determine the Lumens Level
With the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, we use watts to determine the brightness of the bulb, with LED’s, lumens is the unit of measurement. So, if you want a bright illumination, then you need a 100-watt or 1,600 lumens LED bulb. If you want a dimmer bulb, you may choose a 75-watt or 1,100 lumens LED bulb.


In general, you need to know that a 60-watt bulb needs 800 lumens at the very least. If the LED bulb you’re looking at in the store is below this equivalence, then it is not a good brand to buy.


LED light is going to be popular for many years. Aside from its efficiency, life and design, it is also much less costly because users don’t have to replace the bulb anytime soon and the electricity bills are going to be lower compared to incandescent bulbs. With these tips, you can surely end up with a quality bulb.

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